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Tell DeVos: Protect the victims of sexual violence.

These rules are not yet in place. There is still time to make a difference.

Act Today: IRS Voucher Regulations and More

10/19 newsletter; IRS voucher regulations, our 2018 conference, stop the funding of online preschools, Rev. Barber, and is school choice panacea.
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Stop the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Affirmative Action and School Integration

NPE Action strongly opposes the Trump administration’s decision to block efforts to promote admission’s diversity in higher education via affirmative action as well their decision to block districts’ initiatives to promote K-12 school integration. The administration’s actions will encourage racial segregation, promote racial divisions and reduce educational opportunity at a time when our society needs… View Article
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Governor Dayton: Veto the voucher!

Governor Dayton’s promise to veto any bill that has vouchers attached to it, is about to be put to the test. The Minnesota legislature is sending a $33 million tax credit scholarship proposal to his desk. Let Governor Dayton know that you want him to keep his promise and veto this proposal. Send your email… View Article

North Carolina Alert: Stop the Super Voucher

Send an email​ to tell your house member to vote NO for the new vouchers in the Senate budget. The North Carolina Senate introduced SB 603, a bill creating a new voucher program that would give $9,000 a year to students with disabilities if they go to a non-public school. The senate put the program… View Article

Tell Congress to Stop Funding Vouchers

Congress is now pushing the private “choice” agenda by extending the SOAR Reauthorization Act. Reauthorization would fund and expand, with your federal tax dollars, the District of Columbia’s private school voucher program. It is time to shut this voucher program down. Send your email to your congressperson now by clicking here. In 2012, the Washington… View Article

It is time to shutdown the SOAR Voucher Program that uses your federal tax dollars to fund religious and unaccredited schools.

Tell Texas Senators NO Vouchers!

We need your help to stop a voucher bill that has been introduced in the Texas Senate.

Don’t let Andrew Cuomo do Betsy De Vos’s dirty work in New York

There is a reason that Betsy DeVos sings the praises of Andrew Cuomo.     He talks Betsy’s language. He called public schools “a monopoly” that he wants to “break.” He introduced the “Parental Choice Act,” a voucher program using tax credits.  And when it comes to charter schools, he received millions in donations from their… View Article