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Urgent: Tell Congress (Again) Do NOT Increase Charter School Program Funding

Despite mounting charter school scandals, the charter lobby is aggressively pushing Congress to increase federal Charter School Programs (CSP) funding. Please send your letter to your Congress today and urge them to support cuts, not increases, to the federal Charter School Programs. 

Tell Congress: No Federal Vouchers. Not Now, Not Ever.

It is School Choice Week, and the usual suspects are pressuring Congress to pass a national tax-credit voucher bill called the Educational Choice for Children Act(ECCA).

Stand Up for Public School Children. Fight Proposed Federal Budget Cuts

We have been warning about the war on public schools. Now, it may come to your school no matter where you live in the nation. And a war against public schools is a war against children.  The proposed House Appropriations Committee budget (Republicans now control the majority) makes draconian cuts to 2024 funding for Labor, Health and Human… View Article

NPE Action Congratulates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

We look forward to working with them as they fulfill their promised commitment to our nation’s public schools.

Public Education Won Big: Meet Our Endorsed Candidates Who Were Victorious!

Congratulations to our candidates who won their elections on Nov. 5. All will make a difference and we are proud that they sought our stamp of approval.

Urgent: Demand That Candidates Tell Us Where They Stand on Public Education

Tweet top Democratic Presidential Candidates and help NPE Action find out where they stand on the fight against privatization and for our public schools.

The Dangers to Public Education in Florida, Our Upcoming Conference and More.

Read about vouchers in Florida, the big impact of NPE’s Asleep at the Wheel report, our upcoming conference, and more.

Diane Ravitch’s new book and more!

Don’t miss our latest newsletter with updates on Diane’s new book, her appearance on HBO, a recently released NPE report, and more!

What does the LA strike have to do with charters? Everything.

Be sure to show your support for the teachers of Los Angeles and their fight for public education.