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Urgent: Demand the Candidates Tell Us Where They Stand on Public Education

Tweet top Democratic Presidential Candidates and help NPE Action find out where they stand on the fight against privatization and for our public schools.

The Dangers to Public Education in Florida, Our Upcoming Conference and More.

This week the Florida legislature added yet another voucher program, bringing the total number of programs to five. Florida spends more than one billion dollars on vouchers already.  As Valerie Strauss wrote in the Washington Post: An effort has been made in the legislature to require school districts to share with charter schools money that… View Article

Diane Ravitch’s new book and more!

Don’t miss our latest newsletter with updates on Diane’s new book, her appearance on HBO, a recently released NPE report, and more!

What does the LA strike have to do with charters? Everything.

Be sure to show your support for the teachers of Los Angeles and their fight for public education.

Meet the Heroes of Public Education Who Joined our Board of Directors

NPE Action is delighted to announce that three, strong pro-public advocates have joined the NPE Action Board of Directors.

Act Today: IRS Voucher Regulations and More

10/19 newsletter; IRS voucher regulations, our 2018 conference, stop the funding of online preschools, Rev. Barber, and is school choice panacea.
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Back to school means back to the fight to save public education

As summer winds down, it is time to ramp up our fight to save our community public schools. New plans to destroy them, funded by billionaires, are emerging. Read, for example, this plan to replace 30%- 50% of city public schools with charter schools using what is called a “portfolio model.” Read here how a… View Article

Vouchers, Conference, an Important New Report and More

On behalf of the Boards of both NPE and NPE Action, I extend our deep condolences to the students, families and educators of Santa Fe High School in Texas. ¬†We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss of young life to gun violence. To learn about our stand regarding gun violence, please go here. The… View Article

Our November 2017 Endorsed Candidates and the Dark Money They Battle

  Pro-public education candidates are up against powerful dark money. Billionaire donors give to non-profits, which do not have to disclose donations. These non-profits then funnel money to PACs and super PACs. The donor to the PAC is listed as the non-profit, thereby hiding the identity of the givers. Voters in local elections never know… View Article