Tell Congress: No Federal Vouchers. Not Now, Not Ever.

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It is School Choice Week, and the usual suspects are pressuring Congress to pass a national tax-credit voucher bill called the Educational Choice for Children Act(ECCA). The bill and 60-second ads are being pushed by the Invest in Education Coalition a coalition that appears to have no members, just three board directors. 

The ECCA would give tax credits to individuals and corporations who donate to tax-exempt organizations that provide scholarships to K-12 students to attend private schools. Donors could receive up to a $5,000 tax credit, potentially draining our national treasury of up to ten billion dollars this year.

You read that correctly. The bill’s authors put a ten billion dollar cap on the revenue drain for the first year, which could balloon the deficit. 

Send your email now to Congress and let them know. No federal vouchers, not now, not ever!

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Save the Date for NPE 2025!

We are excited to announce that on April 5 and 6, 2025, we will be holding our national conference in Columbus, Ohio!  Watch for our announcements and early bird registration beginning this spring.

Coming Soon!

NPE will be issuing a new state-by-state report card on Public Schooling in America next month.  It is time again to measure our states’ commitment to public schools. Some of our findings will surprise you.

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