Stand Up for Public School Children. Fight Proposed Federal Budget Cuts

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We have been warning about the war on public schools. Now, it may come to your school no matter where you live in the nation. And a war against public schools is a war against children. 

The proposed House Appropriations Committee budget (Republicans now control the majority) makes draconian cuts to 2024 funding for Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies.

The only K12 increase is an increase in funding to start new charter schools via the Charter School Programs

Send your letter telling your representative to stand up for children and fight these cuts here

Here are some especially egregious K/12 cuts from 2023 funding levels that will affect the educational well-being of children.

  • A cut of $14.7 billion below the FY 2023 Title I enacted level. This cut could force a nationwide reduction of 220,000 teachers from classrooms serving low-income students. 
  • The bill eliminates funding for English Language Acquisition, a cut of $890 million that would remove vital academic support for 5 million English language learners nationwide.
  • The bill eliminates funding for Title II-A (Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants), a cut of $2.2 billion below the enacted level.
  • The bill eliminates funding for Promise Neighborhoods, a grant program to help at-risk students transition to college and careers. 
  • The bill eliminates funding for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) grants within the Education Innovation and Research program.
  • The bill eliminates funding for Magnet Schools—a public school-based school choice program. 
  • The bill cuts funding for Full-Service Community Schools by 33%. 

To see how the proposed cuts to Title I alone will affect your state, here.

To see a complete list of other cuts, many of which will affect our nation’s children, cuts to Head Start, Pre-K, and research to combat cancer, go here.

More than 49 million students depend on us to fight for them. 

1. Send your letter today.

2. Send this link to friends and family. Please share it on social media.

3. If you live in the district of the following members, immediately pick up the phone and call. 

Tell them that public school children in their district expect them to stand up and protect them from the proposed budget cuts. 

Juan CiscomaniArizona 6202-225-2542
 Mike GarciaCalifornia 27202-225-1956
 Tony GonzalesTexas 23202-225-4511
 Ryan ZinkeMontana 1202-225-5628
 David ValdaoCalifornia 22202-225-4695