Wiley Nickel for North Carolina State Senate, 16th District

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The Network for Public Education has endorsed attorney Wiley Nickel for the District 16 seat in the North Carolina Senate. Wiley told us that he would “fight every day to fully fund the public school system, to raise teacher salaries to above the national average.”

He said he would support legislation to reduce class sizes, and also to pay for it. He sees the “class size chaos” that was created by the North Carolina legislature when they mandated reduced class sizes without providing additional funding for additional teachers.

Wiley also doesn’t agree that teacher pay should be capped the way it’s done in North Carolina, where the most senior teachers can never get a raise based on their seniority.

Wiley has taken a strong stand on both charter schools and vouchers, telling NPE Action that he opposes both. He supports a moratorium on charter schools, and “empowering local school boards with the ability to create charters and keep them under their governance.”

When is comes to vouchers, he called for “phasing out school vouchers for private schools, and ensuring that existing private schools receiving public voucher funds meet the same accountability and performance standards as public schools.” He also opposes tax credits and 529 accounts for K-12 private schools.

Please spread the word about Wiley’s May 8, 2018 primary election and help get people out to the polls to vote for a strong supporter of North Carolina’s teachers and public schools.