We’ve been here for you. Will you be here for us?

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NPE Action has not had a general fund drive in a year. During that year, on our shoestring budget, we have accomplished so much. But now we need your help.

Can you make a donation to support our work?

Here is a short recap of what we have accomplished in the first three months of 2018 alone.

We have endorsed eight candidates and issued 15 national and state alerts on legislation.

We helped support the teachers of West Virginia by asking you to donate, and lent our support to SOS Arizona in their fight against vouchers.

We are now battling a Federal voucher program, and with your help, have generated nearly 15,000 emails from 5000 activists.

We have also pledged thousands from our limited funds to help those with need come to our conference in Indiana in October.

We created a partnership with Opportunity Action, the 501(C)(4) associated with the Schott Foundation. NPE Action now daily monitors privatization legislation in all 50 states, sending alerts when bills begin to move.

We cannot continue to do this important work without your financial support.

Please give generously today, or make a monthly donation here.

If you prefer to send a check, our address is:

NPE Action

PO BOX 150266

Kew Gardens, NY 11415

There is no better time to give than the last day of Public Schools Week, which NPE Action and the Network for Public Education helped promote.

We will never stop fighting against privatization and fighting for the pillar of our democracy, our public schools.  Please support us in that work.

Thank you,

Carol Burris

Executive Director