Urgent: Support Cindy Marten for Deputy Secretary of Education

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San Diego’s Cindy Marten is an excellent choice for Deputy Secretary of Education. She is an outstanding leader who has worked hard to improve San Diego’s schools. 

But the charter lobby is working behind the scenes to derail her appointment. 

Her first commitment is to equitable education for disadvantaged children. The Learning Policy Institute commended her district for gains in equity. She is supported by Derrick Johnson, President of the NAACP. Most of all, Cindy is a brilliant teacher and school leader who puts kids first. Please support Cindy Marten for Deputy Secretary of Education.

Call your Senator here and then send this email by clicking here.

When you call, let your Senator know:

I support Cindy Marten for Deputy Secretary of Education. She is a highly qualified lifelong teacher and school leader who will make sure that schools are safely reopened and that our most vulnerable students will have the services they need. She has the support of the national NAACP, and I support her as well. 

Why do you have to do this? 

Because the charter lobby, funded by the Walton Foundation, is actively working against her—making calls and sending emails. Despite her record of approving responsible charter schools in her district, Marten served on a task force for charter reform in California. 

And that cannot be forgiven by Jeanne Allen, the supporter of Betsy DeVos and other groups funded by the Walton Foundation.

Please make that call now and send the email today. 

Now is a time for competent leaders in the Department of Education who understands the challenges faced by our public schools.

Thanks for all you do. 

Carol Burris