Urgent: Support Pa. Governor’s fight to reform charter schools

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Governor Tom Wolf is taking a bold and important step. Because the legislature refuses to enact charter reform, the Governor is promising his own reform by executive order. And he also called out charters for what they are: the privatization of public education.

Call his office (717-787-2500) and say, “Thank you for your courageous push for charter reform by Executive Order. I agree. Charter schools are not public schools and their funding is destroying the Pennsylvania public school system.”

Then send him a thank you email by clicking here.

Cyber charters, which have been an educational disaster in Pennsylvania, are draining millions from local districts. The Pennsylvania charter law has been called the “worst charter law in the country” by the state’s own attorney general. The time to fix the law is now.

Call 717-787-2500 now and let the Governor know you applaud his courageous stand for charter reform. Then follow up with your email here