The Network for Public Education Action Endorses Chris Guerrieri for Duval County School Board.

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The Network for Public Education Action endorses Chris Guerrieri for Duval County (Jacksonville, Florida) School Board District 3.

Chris told NPE Action that he is running because he believes that if Florida is ground zero for privatization in the nation, then Jacksonville is ground zero for Florida. He feels like the board needs a teacher who believes in and fights for public education.

Chris has three opponents he is running against but he feels that none understand that public education is in the fight of its life. Chris believes the better things are for teachers the better things will be for students. He feels that we cannot continue to marginalize, overwork and treat teachers like easily replaceable cogs and wonder why we aren’t as successful as we should and could be.

Chris will be starting his 20th year as a teacher and is a member of the Education Bloggers group. He often advocates at school board meetings and testified in the fair funding for schools’ lawsuit on behalf of public education.

He told us that he supports a roll back of charters that are for-profit and that are not innovative. He would demand more transparency from charter schools and also private schools that take vouchers. Chris told us, “Public money should go to public schools.” He thinks neighborhood schools are the jewels of their neighborhoods and should be supported. We hope you will help him take that fight to Duval County (Jacksonville Florida) School Board District 3.

Chris’s primary election is on August 18th and the general on November 3rd, 2020. Please be sure to share this endorsement with all eligible voters in Chris’s district, and get out to the polls to elect this committed educator to the Board in District 3.

No candidate authorized this ad. It is paid for by Network for Public Education Action, New York, New York.