Tell Congress to Protect Immigrant Children

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This week Betsy DeVos backtracked on her outrageous suggestion that schools could call ICE on undocumented students. The Supreme Court made it clear that all children, regardless of their immigration status, have the right and obligation to attend school.

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Despite her less than clear “backtrack,” immigrant students remain vulnerable to ICE detainment. Attorney General Jeff Session recently defended the administration’s position on separating children from parents at the border by saying:

“If people don’t want to be separated from their children, they should not bring them with them.”
This is unacceptable. Children must be protected, not separated from their parents and detained in unaccountable private facilities at the border.
The Network for Public Education believes that our schools should be safe for all to learn without fear of deportation or detention. Further, the separation and confinement of children must end.

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Carol Burris