Tara Stamps for Chicago’s 37th Ward Alderman

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Veteran educator Tara Stamps has earned the endorsement of NPE Action in her bid to be the next Alderman to represent Chicago’s 37th Ward.

Tara is on the Executive Board of the Chicago Teachers Union. She is also aligned with the Chicago-based national public education advocacy group Journey for Justice. She fought along with J4J to keep her school open when fifty other schools were shuttered in the city. Tara told NPE Action that she believes in J4J’s #WeChoose message.

She doesn’t support the use of test scores in teacher evaluations or merit pay because “most teachers are doing their very best to educate the minds and protect the spirit of children everyday.”

Tara told us that class size matters, and that she would support legislation to reduce class size to a maximum twenty-five students in grades 4-8 and a maximum of twenty with an assistant in Grades PreK-3.

She does not support charter schools and believes that public money should only benefit public entities.

Please be sure to head to be polls to elect a veteran educator to represent the people of the 37th Ward on February 26.