We Strongly Endorse Janet Mills for Governor of Maine

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​The Network for Public Education Action gives its strongest endorsement to Janet Mills for Governor of Maine. Mills is in favor of fully funding public education and opposes taxpayer money going to vouchers and charter schools. This is what she told the NEA.

“I firmly oppose taking tax dollars from the public education system to fund new private or charter schools, and I do not support lifting the cap on new charters. The proposal to allow for ten charter schools in Maine was largely based on the premise that these schools would serve as an experiment. So far, the promise of dramatically higher-quality education has yet to materialize, and I believe it would be premature to expand that experiment without positive results.”

Mills, the daughter of a public school teacher, has said that she would support increasing beginning teachers’ salaries and that high-stakes testing is a “poor method of evaluating both teachers and students.” She was one of the twenty Attorneys General who successfully sued Betsy DeVos over abandoning federal protections for those who were cheated by predatory, for-profit colleges.

Janet Mills is a true friend of public education and deserves your vote on November 6.

Pol. adv. by the Network for Public Education Action