Stop the Trump/DeVos Education Budget

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We need your help. The Trump/DeVos budget proposal for fiscal 2020 slashes programs that benefit public schools in order to fund vouchers and charters with $5.5 BILLION.

Take action now.

It includes a $5 billion a year tax credit, which means that for every dollar a taxpayer or business puts into a voucher fund (an Education Freedom Scholarship), that is a dollar less they have to pay in federal taxes. That is not charity. That is a taxpayer supported voucher program. Listen here as Senator Kaine explains why he will not support it.

And while the budget for charter schools goes up by $60 million to create a half-billion a year fund to expand charter schools, the Trump/DeVos budget eliminates more than two dozen programs including: after-school activities in 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Title IV funding for academic support and enrichment, subsidized loans for students and Title II funding for teacher development.

Let your members of Congress know you do not want your tax dollars used for privatization but rather for improving our public schools. 

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