Stop PA House Bill 97 TODAY

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Tell Your Senator That House Bill 97 Is Not Real Charter Reform.

Stop and fix the bill.

This morning (Friday June 30th) the full PA Senate will vote on House Bill 97 (Rep. Reese, R-Westmoreland), which is faulty charter school legislation that was approved by the House of Representatives in April. The bill was approved by the Senate Education Committee by a 7-5 vote.

Prior to passage, the committee approved an amendment. While there has been some positive changes, something bad slipped in. The amendment also eliminates language that provides for a reduction in the calculation for funding cyber charter schools. If the provision had been adopted, school districts would have saved an estimated $27 million for school districts for 2017-18. Cyber charters are bleeding our tax dollars while doing a terrible job of educating our state’s students.


Act now to block passage of House Bill 97 in the Senate. Please take a moment to contact your senators BY SENDING YOUR EMAIL HERE AND BY CALLING THEIR OFFICE. YOU CAN FIND PHONE NUMBERS IF YOU  (click here).

Ask your Senator to oppose House Bill 97 because:

Voting “yes” on House Bill 97 now shouldn’t mean “we’ll fix it later.” House Bill 97 does not address charter funding, transparency, oversight or academic performance issues in a meaningful or balanced manner. Let’s get it right before it becomes law.

Thank you for all you do.