Stop HB 60 the Georgia Voucher Bill

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Georgia lawmakers will soon be voting on HB 60, a bill that would divert over $220 million from already struggling public schools to unaccountable private schools.

Click here to send an email to stop the bill. 

Here is what we know about private school vouchers: 

  • They have created fraud and abuse where they have been used. 
  • They have made our education system more discriminatory. 
  • They help relatively wealthier students more than they help low-income families.
  • They are often associated with lower student achievement.

Let’s make sure that Georgia uses taxpayer dollars to fund our public schools that serve all students.

Send your email by clicking here

Then make a call to your representatives in the House and Senate. You can find their phone numbers here.

The message is simple: “I am calling today to voice my strong opposition to HB 60, the voucher bill.”

Thank you for all that you do.