Stop the Florida Legislature’s Sneak Attack on Public Schools

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While Florida parents and teachers are comforting our students and trying to understand how to best keep our children safe, the Florida Legislature is trying to pull a fast one to further harm public education, our students, and our teachers.

Please take action today by contacting your Senator to oppose SB 7055​.

SB 7055 is the education ‘train’ bill where over 40 terrible education ideas were lumped into one bill.

This bill is trying to sneak through an expansion of the tax credit scholarship, which will send more and more tax dollars to private, often religious, schools with zero accountability.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, this week Senators added an amendment to SB 7055 that will de-certify our teacher’s union.

That’s right. Less than two weeks after praising the Stoneman Douglas teachers as ‘heroes’, the leadership in the Senate thinks it’s a good idea to try to attack our teachers and take away their voice.

While we’re in mourning, they are trying to drain more public education resources and stop the one organized voice our teachers have. It’s time for us to step up.

Here are some easy things you can do:

1.     Write your Senator to vote against SB 7055. We make it easy.  Just click here​.

2.     Call your Senator – let your voice be heard. You can find your Senator’s number here​.

3.     Follow Fund Education Now, a Florida grassroots group, for more information.

4.     Share this message with friends, teachers, and all those who care about our schools.