Scott Mark Schmerelson for Los Angeles Unified School District, Board District 3

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The Network for Public Education Action is pleased to endorse Scott Mark Schmerelson for Los Angeles Unified School District, Board District 3.  Scott was elected to this position in 2015 after he beat a two-term incumbent. Scott’s strength has been to inform all his policy decisions on how instruction and operations impact each of LAUSD’s unique school communities. He has worked hard to make meeting the needs of Special Education and English Language Learners a priority of LAUSD.  Scott tells NPE Action that he “will continue to support policies that promote social, economic, and environmental justice for our children’s future.” 

Scott has served the children of LAUSD for over four decades. He has lived in the District that he represents for 31 years. Scott’s constituents know him as a retired educator who is committed to the LAUSD community. He is known for his efforts in fighting privatization and outsourcing.  His opponent in the race is Marilyn Koziatek, a charter high school employee and a charter school advocate.  The California Charter School Association and their related political network have funneled money to Koziatek’s campaign directly and through independent expenditures – about $3 million in the primary from donors such Reed Hastings and the Walton family.  

Scott told NPE Action that his top priority is “Continuing to fight for fair and adequate funding for public schools in Los Angeles and against privatization and outsourcing of traditional education programs and services. “

Scott’s positions on testing, charters, and vouchers are all in line with those of NPE Action. “I stand steadfastly against the use of public, taxpayer money financing private schools.”

Scott is an outstanding candidate and friend of public education. We urge voters in District 3 to cast their vote for Scott in the general election on November 3, 2020.

No candidate authorized this ad. It is paid for by Network for Public Education Action, New York, New York.