Rachel Levy for the Virginia House of Delegates, 59th District

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The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse Rachel Levy, a public school teacher running for the Virginia House of Delegates – 59th District.

Rachel’s campaign message is that each student is someone’s child and worthy of respect and dignity.  Here is what Rachel told NPE Action, “When I ran in 2021 in the 55th District, strengthening and improving our public schools in Virginia was a priority of my platform. That priority remains in my campaign in 2023 for the newly drawn 59th District seat, but with Youngkin (Gov), Sears (Lt. Gov.), and Miyares’ (AG) victories for statewide offices in 2021, along with a Republican majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, it has expanded. I also am committed to keeping control of our public schools out of the hands of extremists and fighting the Youngkin and VA GOP privatization agenda.”

Here is where Rachel stands on the issues surrounding public education:

Charters – “I do not advocate for the establishment of additional charter schools in Virginia. Charter schools and vouchers would seriously threaten the financial viability of public schools in a rural district like the 59th.”

Vouchers-”I am opposed to vouchers, Educational Empowerment Accounts, and tax credits for scholarships to private or parochial schools. These drain money from public schools, evade oversight and accountability of public funds, can violate laws and principles regarding separation of Church and  State, and often serve to subsidize the wealthy and middle classes.”

Rachel further shared with NPE Action that “between my 2021 and 2023 campaign, I have worked with a network of pro-public education parents and educators to help to defeat charter school and voucher school legislation in the 2022 and 2023 General Assembly sessions, writing and organizing a campaign of LTEs and op-eds, calling and emailing legislators, and submitting public comment. I have also participated in efforts at the local (Hanover County) and state levels to advocate for and protect our LGBTQ students from harmful legislation and policies. Finally, I have continued my efforts at the local level to advocate for adequate funding for our schools and fair compensation for our teachers, educators, and school employees. The local efforts are relevant to the state-level work because the school district where I live, Hanover County, is a school district being targeted by extremist, rightwing, and dark money groups to push an anti-equity, anti-LGBTQ, book banning, and privatization agendas.”

Rachel Levy is an outstanding candidate who will advocate for the children, families, and communities in the 59th district of Virginia.  She is an educator who understands the importance of public education as a bedrock of our democracy and as a stabilizing force for the community.

Please be sure to cast your ballot for Rachel in the general election on November 7, 2023. 

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