Please help the teachers of West Virginia

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The  teachers and school service personnel of West Virginia do not want much. They want a raise that can ensure they will not continue to fall behind. Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed to a point where teachers are losing salary.

Although the governor, House of Delegates and the educators came to an acceptable deal, the State Senate will not cooperate.

A strike is always the last option.  Right now these educators need our help. The are fundraising to make sure that strikers, and the children who qualify for free lunch continue to be fed while school is closed.

You can help that effort by giving to the general strike fund:
and to the pizza fund:


The battle of the West Virginia teachers is a battle for all who love public education. Will our schools have qualified and excellent teachers as they do in countries that pay a competitive wage?  Or will we suffer from teacher shortages and be forced to accept uncertified and unqualified adults because few want to enter the profession?

The stakes are high for our nation’s children. We hope you give generously here and/or here today.

Thank you for all that you do.