NPE Action endorses Larry Proffitt for the Legislature of Tennessee

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NPE Action proudly endorses Larry Proffitt in his bid for a seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing District 66, Robertson County, Tennessee. Larry, a public school teacher, told us why he wants to serve—“Politicians have had their turn. It’s time to put an educator into the legislature to help improve jobs, education and health-care.”

Proffit also told NPE Action that he is committed to a reduction in testing. “We need less testing and use them [tests] as an instructional correlation for guiding education. Stop the high stakes use of scores and end the toxic testing, so teachers can teach.” He opposes charters, privatization and merit pay. He does not believe that teachers should be evaluated by the test scores of the students they teach.

Marla Kilfoyle, a public school teacher and national education activist, had this to say about Larry. “Larry Proffitt is first and foremost one of the most decent human beings I know. He cares about everyone, and as a teacher he understands the need to uplift every community for the future of its children. Larry would be an asset in the Tennessee House of Representatives because he is a man of the people. He is not the man of corporate America, or the wealthy, who only looks out for their interests. It’s time to make Tennessee government about the people.”

Larry has a track record of effective advocacy in his state. “The first bill I helped conceive was passed into law. I worked with both parties, providing research, to defeat PARCC, and Common Core. Common Core was renamed and slipped in though. We need different legislators,” Larry said.

Larry will face his opponent, Dr. Sabi Kumar, in the general election on November 8. He has the full support of the Network for Public Education Action.

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