NPE Action endorses Tom Edwards for re-election to the Sarasota County (FL) School Board District 3.

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NPE Action is proud to endorse Tom Edwards for re-election to the Sarasota County School Board District 3. As a sitting member of the District 3 School board for four years, Tom has advocated for over 47,000 students attending 50 different schools. He has spent most of his time visiting schools, meeting with teachers, principals and administrators and attending school based and community events. 

Tom has demonstrated an ability to forge creative community partnerships that address pressing educational needs. His initiative to collaborate with the Gulf Coast Builders Exchange led to the successful establishment of the first Trades Academy at Riverview High School, providing non-college-bound students with valuable hands-on experience. Understanding the local demand for healthcare professionals, Tom facilitated a groundbreaking collaboration between Sarasota Technical College, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, and the City of North Port, laying the groundwork for a Health Care Academy and the building of a new faculty aimed at addressing this critical workforce shortage. Just recently, Tom introduced Semkhor Productions to the school district to build the nation’s first digital film production special effects AI academy. He also championed an innovative approach to the local housing crisis—partnering with community leaders and the Housing Authority—to expand affordable housing for teachers in our community.

Tom shared with NPE Action that he is running for re-election to the Sarasota County School Board to protect Public Education and to continue to champion a safe, high- achieving, academic environment for ALL students. 

Tom knows early education is essential in closing the achievement gap and leveling the playing field by providing all children with a strong foundation for learning, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. Tom is committed to ensuring safe schools where all students feel welcome and valued. 

Tom feels that public education in Florida is currently facing significant challenges. He explained that in recent years, the Florida legislature and the Florida Department of Education have led efforts to restrict the discussion of certain historical events and ban discussions of cultural issues. These legislative measures have seriously affected the mental health of those marginalized students in an era where mental health concerns are already challenging school districts. These same legislative endeavors have exacerbated the teacher shortage crisis by chasing qualified instructors away from the profession. 

Tom will continue to work hard for every student and teacher. He believes that every student should graduate with a plan. NPE Action urges public education supporters in Sarasota County District 3 to get out the vote for Tom Edwards in the primary election on August 20th.

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