NPE Action endorses Sherlett Hendy Newbill for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education District #1.

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The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse Sherlett Hendy Newbill for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education District #1. Sherlett is a lifelong educator in District #1 and a parent. Sherlett is also a proud community member, education policy advisor and the child of immigrant parents. 

Sherlett told NPE Action that her campaign is about providing education and equality to everyone, without discrimination. Sherlett will work hard to eliminate marginalization and inequality, and establish a foundation of hope, dreams, and success in LAUSD. She shared that her goal is to boost the number of students graduating, attending higher education, and producing productive citizens in Los Angeles County. Sherlett’s top priorities are to be the voice for marginalized students and families. She would fight for and maintain programs like the Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP). She would also expand the Community Schools Initiatives and its best practices to combat homelessness, drug abuse, and bullying. She would work to stop the privatization of public schools by removing the hurtful practices that have been established by unaccountable and unregulated charter schools policies.

To improve public education Sherlett shared that LAUSD has to address the teacher shortage. She told NPE Action that LAUSD has to create pathway programs and apprenticeships that promote the teaching profession with incentives, free tuition, and the guarantee of employment with the completion of the program. Sherlett added that LAUSD has to create and strengthen the relationships with local credentialing programs to ensure that LAUSD gets quality educators that have built and established relationships in schools as a priority. 

NPE Action urges LAUSD public education supporters to get out the vote in the runoff election for Sherlett Hendy Newbill on November 5, 2024.

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