NPE Action endorses Shanthi Gonzales for Oakland School Board

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The Network for Public Education Action is supporting Shanthi Gonzales in her bid for re-election to the Oakland School Board. Before joining the board, Shanthi served as Vice President of the board of La Raza Centro Legal, which provides free legal services to seniors, immigrants and workers.

When we asked Shanthi to share her campaign message she said the following: “We’re all in this together, and we need to provide a quality education for all kids. Charter schools don’t do this; public schools are the only way to do this, and so we need to protect and preserve public education.” Ms. Gonzales told us that she has never voted to approve a new charter school and has often voted to close charter schools. “Charter schools just concentrate need in public schools through curation of student populations and avoidance of high needs students.”

Shanthi is opposed to evaluating teachers using test scores. She explained why. “Test scores mainly tell us about the social class of families, not about teachers’ efforts. Most districts already have means of differentiating pay to reward teachers who go above and beyond. There is too much opportunity for arbitrariness and favoritism with merit pay and using test scores, and it is hard enough already to find teachers willing to work in schools with high-needs students.”

Please support Shanthi Gonzales in her bid for re-election to represent District 6 and cast your vote for herĀ in November.

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