NPE Action Endorses Renitta Shannon for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 84

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NPE Action is proud to endorse Renitta Shannon for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 84.

Ms. Shannon tells us, “I am running because Georgia is facing a school takeover plan similar to what Michigan has been through, and the Democrat incumbent has been voting and advocating for school vouchers, and school privatization. I believe we need to fully fund public education.”

Ms. Shannon, a community activist, does not believe school shut downs are the answer to improving public education. She told NPE Action, “I think that community schools are so important, and that we should do all that can be done to save schools or reform schools instead of just shutting them down. What I see here in Georgia is schools being shut down and then the students are packed into other schools that are not in the community.”

A strong believer in public education, Renitta Shannon wants voters to know the following:
“I understand why we need to fight to keep public education strong. Any institution that you starve of resources will fail, and public education is no different. Ensuring that all children have access to quality public education needs to be a priority in our legislatures, as education is the most significant investment in our children’s future that we can and should make.”