NPE Action endorses Jennifer McCormick for Governor of Indiana.

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The Network for Public Education Action gives its strongest endorsement to Jennifer McCormick for Governor of Indiana. Jennifer is a lifelong educator and native of Indiana. 

Jennifer is a former teacher, principal and school superintendent. She served as State Superintendent of Public Instruction from 2017 to 2021. During that time she took on the legislature, eventually changing political parties. 

Jennifer told us that as governor, she “will focus on aggressively funding the expansion of quality and affordable childcare as well as universal PreK so all children have the foundational skills necessary to succeed in the K12 environment. She said she “will appoint a Secretary of Education and members of the state board of education that understand the ever-evolving needs of Indiana students and implement programs that develop the skills critical to thrive in a changing world and prepare Hoosier kids for careers, college, and life after high school.”

Jennifer also told us that Indiana’s education system is woefully underfunded, leading to inadequate and inequitable educational opportunities that inhibit future success. Compounding this issue, she said, is the expansion of the state’s school voucher program that funnels money to private schools and away from our widely supported public school systems.

We have no doubt that Jennifer would be an outstanding Governor sensitive to the needs of the state’s children and their public schools. We strongly encourage our supporters in Indiana to vote for Jennifer McCormick in the general election on Tuesday, November 5th.

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