NPE Action Endorses Jennifer Mangrum for North Carolina District 30

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NPE Action has endorsed Jennifer Mangrum for the North Carolina Senate. Jennifer is opposing the worst enemy of public education in the North Carolina General Assembly, Phil Berger. Berger has used his position as leader of the Senate to promote the privatization of North Carolina’s public schools. His policies have been harmful to the dedicated teachers of the state.

Jennifer was a classroom teacher for 12 years and a curriculum facilitator for 2. She then earned her PhD and she became an Associate Professor in the School of Education at UNC-Greensboro. In total, Jennifer Mangrum has more than 30 years  experience in public education.

Jennifer is strongly opposed to vouchers. NPE Action does not agree with her position on charter schools (she favors what she calls “experiential” charters,) however, given the track record of her opponent, we believe that she is a far better candidate and we applaud her willingness to take Mr. Berger on.

We ask residents of District 30 to support her as well.