NPE Action Endorses Glenda Ritz for Indiana’s State Superintendent of Instruction

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NPE Action supports Glenda Ritz for State Superintendent of Public Instruction of Indiana. In her first four years in office, Superintendent Ritz has demonstrated that she understands the importance of educating the whole child. She knows that the purpose of reading is not just to pass a test. She is opposed to the reform agenda in a state controlled by those who would privatize Indiana schools.

Superintendent Ritz has won the endorsement of the Journal Gazette, which said:

“Ritz, a former school media specialist, defends her record, noting improvements in performance at nearly 200 schools targeted for assistance; supporting student success in career and technical education; an increased number of school safety specialists; continuing focus on family literacy; and a strategy to address a growing teacher shortage.”

“The reason I speak about outreach so much is because that’s what my job is really about – serving kids in our schools, making sure they get what they need,” she said. “Where people say they have a perception I don’t work with somebody? I work with everybody. That’s the only way I can move things forward,” said Ritz.

Steve Hinnefeld of School Matters, which covers K-12 education in Indiana, had this to say about Superintendent Ritz.

“Ritz has been in the spotlight for four years, pushing back against vouchers, anti-teacher rhetoric and over-testing. She has sometimes seemed like public schools’ and teachers’ only champion in state government. That’s earned lots of support.”

NPE Action believes that Superintendent Ritz deserves our support in her bid for re-election as Indiana’s State Superintendent.