NPE Action endorses Barbara Madsen for Washington Supreme Court

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The Network for Public Education Action is proud to announce its support for Barbara A. Madsen for the Supreme Court of the State of Washington. Madsen was first elected to the Washington State Supreme Court in 1992, and she has been re-elected every four years since then.

Barbara Madsen was unanimously elected Chief Justice twice by her peers. Yet, this election there is a strong movement to defeat her. That movement has drawn huge contributions from charter school supporters because Madsen authored the court’s 6-3 decision that found that charter schools were not entitled to public monies because they were directed by private boards instead of representatives elected by the community. Stand for Children, Reed Hastings and other proponents of charters have contributed to the campaign to defeat her and support her opponent, Republican Greg Zempel.

Although it is unusual for the Network for Public Education Action to endorse a judicial candidate, we believe that in this case an endorsement is warranted.

According to NPE Action Board President, Diane Ravitch, “Madsen is a judge of great integrity who cares deeply about justice and equity. As an organization devoted to strengthening and improving our nation’s public schools, we are grateful for Judge Madsen’s defense of the right of every child in Washington to an ample public education.”

Madsen will face her opponent, Zempel, on November 8.