NEWSLETTER: ESSA – Get Your Questions Answered

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Have you seen our ESSA Explainer?

It’s a nine part dialogue between NPE Action President Diane Ravitch and Senator Lamar Alexander’s Chief of Staff, David P. Cleary. Diane asks how the latest version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act will impact our schools. She covers topics such as testing, teacher evaluation, charter schools, and more. When you read it, you will likely have questions of your own.

So let’s keep the conversation going!

Use the simple form we’ve created to submit your questions. NPE Action will collect your questions and Diane will submit them to Sen. Alexander’s office to be answered by his Chief of Staff. This is an unprecedented opportunity to put speculation aside, and get direct answers to your questions about this important piece of legislation.

As always, thank you for everything you do.

Robin Hiller

NPE Action Executive Director

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