Michael Bennet

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Although Mr. Bennet claims to be a friend of public education, his record proves that he is not. He is a corporate education reformer who has consistently received high marks from DFER. He favors merit pay, testing, school closings and charter schools as his preferred reform strategies.


Success Academy’s  Eva Moskowitz, KIPP Foundation CEO, Richard Barth, Teach For America founder, Wendy Kopp, and DFER’s Joe Williams hosted a fundraiser for Bennet in November.

Michael Bennet is a strong supporter of charter schools, even allowing charters to co-locate with public schools when he was superintendent of Denver, Colorado. While he supports banning for-profit charters (which only exist in Arizona and California), he has never spoken out against charters that are operated by for-profit management companies in his home state.  He defended charters to the NEA. Politico notes that he supports charters as well.

Michael Bennet does not support vouchers.

Michael Bennet embraced testing as a means by which to evaluate teachers and close schools during his tenure as Superintendent of Denver. 

Michael Bennet has been featured on the DFER website. 

Associates include Wendy Kopp and Michelle Rhee.

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