Los Angeles, Your Students Need You to Support Measure EE.

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We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you come out and support Measure EE on Tuesday, June 4. 

Decades of chronic underfunding of LAUSD schools have come at a steep price for the students of Los Angeles. Schools should not be forced to choose among keeping the library open, funding arts and music classes, or having a school psychologist every day. Even though California is the wealthiest state in the nation, it ranks 44th in the country in per-pupil funding.

Measure EE will bring the funding we need to lower class sizes, recruit and retain quality staff and offer students a well-rounded education, including art and music classes and counseling services.

Most of the burden for Measure EE will be on wealthy businesses–which is why they are fighting so hard to defeat it. Sadly, the LA Chamber of Commerce has joined with corporate lobbyists and landlords who have funneled more than $1.5 million to get Measure EE to fail. Please call the Chamber at (213) 580-7500 and leave a message for CEO Maria Salinas:

“Please stop the vicious attacks on Measure EE. Put children first and Los Angeles will be a stronger city for all.”

And don’t forget to vote next Tuesday.