Kyle Miller for Indiana State Representative, District 81

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In the District 81 race for Indiana State Representative, the Network for Public Education Action has endorsed Kyle Miller. Kyle’s number one priority is “fully funding public education and making sure that we return the joy to the teaching profession.”

He said, “We spend so much time trying to figure out different ways to spend public money on education that if we focused all that energy and money on public education, we could have a top notch public education system.”

He highlighted the state’s overgrown voucher system as the single greatest threat facing Indiana’s public schools, and believes that private voucher schools should be held accountable for the tax dollars they spend. He supports a moratorium on charter schools for the same reason, stating “we have allowed these charters to run wild with no accountability.”

Kyle also told us that Indiana teachers are overworked, underpaid and severely underappreciated, which has led to a teacher shortage, and he wants to change that. He affirmed that, if elected, he will “work tirelessly for teachers and public education.”

Please do what you can to support Kyle in his primary election on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.