Kentucky: Stop Charters from Destroying Your Public Schools

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Kentucky is on the verge of making a terrible mistake–allowing charter schools.

As someone who has travelled across the country studying the effects of charters, I cannot tell you how many problems they bring. Just read this story from today about Utah charters and how politicians cash in. You can read it here. There is so much corruption that happens every day. Charters are businesses created with your taxpayer dollars, yet their governance is not accountable to you. And their results are no better than our community public schools and often worse.

Worst of all, they drain precious dollars from your community public schools even as the skim the least needy students.

Let your voice be heard. Here is a link to a letter you can send to your state representatives. Click here.

We make it easy. Let them know that you support your state’s public schools, governed by the folks you elect. Time is short send your email today.

Then post the link on your Facebook page and send it to friends and family to do the same.

Kentucky: Stop charters from destroying your public schools

Send this today to stop charters in Kentucky.