Kathryn Haines for Chesterfield County, VA Midlothian District School Board Representative

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Kathryn first became active as a PTA mom and then an organizer determined to change policy around the provision of ESL services in the district. Kids were being bussed to hubs that provided ESL services, which resulted in parents refusing needed services in order to keep their child(ren) in a neighborhood school. Her work to change ESL policy earned her a spot on the Chesterfield County Wide Equity Committee where she recently served on the Disproportionality in Discipline Committee.

Equity is not just a theoretical construct for Kathryn. When her family moved to Chesterfield County, she chose a district that had a diverse high school even though it had lower test scores than other local schools. She told NPE Action that she spreads the word in her community that it is important to look beyond test scores.

If elected, Kathryn says she would focus on the basics like “policies supporting smaller class size, supporting teachers and support staff and adequate mental health resources.”

A former Chicago resident, Kathryn saw the impact of Arne Duncan’s charter school plan that resulted in the closure of many neighborhood schools. That experience solidified her opposition to charter schools and her belief in neighborhood schools. As a result, she does not support charter schools in Chesterfield County.

Kathryn will be on the general election ballot on November 5. Please make sure to get out to the polls and vote for a true supporter of neighborhood public schools.