Kamala Harris

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Kamala Harris is the junior Senator from the State of California. We are concerned to see billionaires at the forefront of the privatization movement on her contributor list.


Direct Campaign Contributions  

Kamala Harris for Senate received contributions from three prominent California education reform donors: Eli Broad, Reed Hastings and Laurene Powell Jobs. Harris also received a contribution from New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg.


PACs making independent expenditures on behalf of Kamala Harris did not receive significant contributions from prominent education reformers.


As California Attorney General, Harris prosecuted online for-profit charter school , K-12. 


Senator Harris referenced Betsy DeVos’s opposition to oversight of Michigan’s charter school sector as one of her reasons for voting against her nomination.


Senator Harris supported the Los Angeles teachers strike and stated that she is “particularly concerned with expansions of for-profit charter schools and believes all charter schools need transparency and accountability.” She has not moved beyond that stand, which is status quo, as yet.

Senator Harris referenced President Trump’s proposal to expand vouchers and Betsy DeVos’s support of that plan as part of her reason for voting against Devos’s nomination.

No known position on high stakes testing.


Senator Kamala Harris threw her support behind pro-public education candidate Tony Thurmond in his race against charter school founder Marshall Tuck for California Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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