Jeanette B. Taylor for Chicago Alderman, 20th Ward

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Jeanette B. Taylor has received the endorsement of the Network for Public Education Action in the race for Chicago Alderman, 20th Ward.

Jeanette is an active member of the Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J), a Chicago group that advocates for communities directly impacted by “top-down privatization and school closings efforts.” She was one of several J4J members who led the 34-day hunger strike, which led to the re-opening of Walter H. Dyett High School with $14.6M in upgrades.

A Chicago Public Schools parent, Jeanette served on the Mollison Elementary Local School Council for 19 years, and fought the closure of that school three times.

As an active parent in her childrens’ schools, she understands how testing and choice intersect to impact her community and communities like hers. “High-stakes testing has hurt instruction, and has been the weapon of choice for corporate reformers to close schools in black and brown communities, and to push out experienced educators of color in Chicago and nationwide.”

Jeanette also told NPE Action that she does not support the expansion of charter schools because the growth of the charter sector in Chicago has “led to the closure and disinvestment of neighborhood schools.”

On February 26 please head to the polls and support Jeanette, a tried and true community organizer who will continue to fight for the dignity and respect her community and its children deserve.