Janaire Robinson for Halifax County Schools Board of Education

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The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse Janaire Robinson for Halifax County Schools Board of Education, North Carolina. Janaire is running for Halifax County School Board because it is an opportunity for her to use her unique experiences to contribute to improving her community. Janaire’s professional experiences in Special Education and Section 504 will allow her to represent different groups in the community and ensure that they have a voice when making educational and administrative decisions. Her experience as a Special Education Program Director and Title I Coordinator will allow her to help influence the financial health of the district and ensure taxpayer money is appropriately spent.

Janaire told NPE Action that when Halifax County Schools approved moving all children with disabilities to a centralized location, Inborden Elementary, she was the only candidate that filed a systemic complaint on behalf of the community to raise awareness that it was a violation of their rights. Janiare also explained that when Chromebook fees were approved by Halifax County Schools she was the only candidate that filed a complaint on behalf of the community to raise awareness that it was a violation of their rights. 

Janaire is in favor of Eastman School being reopened to reduce the commute time on the bus for the children in the southwestern area of Halifax County. Janaire feels that no child should have a two-hour one-way commute to school each day. She is in favor of all employees coming to a supportive work environment and will fight to get schools to stop charging Chromebook fees. Janaire wants to bring back real-world learning opportunities such as field trips which will improve test scores, achievement levels, and student enrollment. 

Janaire has served in education for 18 years and is the proud mother of two young men, and the only candidate with a child enrolled at Halifax County Schools who receives special education services. 

Janaire’s positions on testing, charters, and vouchers are all in line with those of NPE Action. 

Here’s what Janaire told us.

Testing: “The scores on End-of-Grade (EOG), End-of-Course (EOC), and NCEXTEND assessments are only one of many indicators of how students are progressing. Test scores should always be considered along with all other available information provided by the teacher about a student. Students are given growth assessments and benchmarks all throughout the school year and that day should be used to guide needed tiered instruction and interventions. There is not a need for more end of year assessments but there is a need for more department and grade-level data dives that will allow teams to work together to close the academic gap. We have to transition from teaching the test to teaching for understanding.”

Charters:  “I have not advocated in favor of a charter school and I am not in favor of them. The data they report is skewed and the students are not performing as well as they are presented to be performing. Charter schools are receiving state and local tax dollars and they need to be more transparent with the community. The turnover rate is unbelievable in these schools and most of their staff are not certified or qualified to be in education. They need to be held to the same standards as traditional public schools because they are not funded solely by tuition and donations.”

Vouchers: “I am not in favor of parents enrolling their child in a private school and using this form of funding to make it affordable. The only time any money should follow a child is if the school is placing a child with a disability in a restrictive private setting to meet the unique needs of a student.”

NPE Action urges North Carolina public education supporters to get out the vote for Janaire Robinson on May 17th. 

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