Help NPEAction Keep the Public Schools You Love Away from the Privatizers

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We will be blunt. We need your help. NPE Action has less than $80,000 and that is not enough to do the work that is needed to save public schools.

While the Network for Public Education can provide newsletters, updates and reports, its ability to lobby is limited.

NPE Action, however, can lobby and even endorse candidates that are pro-public education. And that is where most of the work will be in the era of DeVos and Trump.

Can you contribute $5.00 or more to help us do our work?

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We have big plans for NPE Action in the fight to stop privatization.

  • We will create Action Alerts every time a school privatization bill appears in your state or at the national level. We will tell you whom to contact and what to do.
  • We will create a “hotline” so that you can tell us when a privatization bill comes up in your state.
  • We will alert you to hearings and organize lobbying efforts.
  • We will, with your help, educate our elected officials on the pitfalls of privatization and why our public schools need financial support.
  • We will find and endorse candidates who are pro-public education and we will let you know who they are.

But all of the above takes money. And right now the money is not there.

If everyone who receives this email gave just $5.00, we would be able to finance all of the above.

Click to chip in $5.

We use a third-party donation site that is secure. However, if you prefer, you can send a check to:

NPE Action

PO BOX 150266

Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Of course we would welcome larger donations as well.

Please send your Valentine to public schools today, by contributing to our work on their behalf. Because NPE Action is a non-profit 501 (c) (4), your contribution is not tax deductible.