Governor Dayton: Veto the voucher!

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Governor Dayton’s promise to veto any bill that has vouchers attached to it, is about to be put to the test. The Minnesota legislature is sending a $33 million tax credit scholarship proposal to his desk. Let Governor Dayton know that you want him to keep his promise and veto this proposal.

Send your email to the Governor. We make it easy. Just click here​.​

Opportunity scholarships are nothing more than vouchers in disguise. School choice proponents claim that vouchers will help low-income students, but voucher programs inevitably subsidize families that are able to afford private school tuition, leaving low-income students in public schools with fewer tax dollars available to the legislature to fund the public education system as a whole. And this so-called credit gives 70% back to the donor–that means that all taxpayers are funding 70% of the voucher.

Send your email to the Governor.  Just click here​.

Then give his office a call.  651-201-3400​

Keep your message simple–please keep your promise and veto the tax credit voucher, or any bill that contains it.