Georgia: Emergency Alert

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Here is an important alert from The Georgia Coalition for Public Education:

“There will be a hearing for HB 787 in the Senate Education and Youth Committee on Monday, March 19th, at 3pm in 450 Capitol. This bill would increase funding for state charter schools through the use of previously unallocated general state tax dollars. This request for additional monies for state charter schools comes despite the fact that the 2018–19 state budget still contains a $167 million austerity cut to K–12 public education, a cut which affects all schools – traditional and charter. “

The Georgia Coalition asks that you all the following members of the Senate Education and Youth Committee first thing tomorrow at the phone numbers below:

Senate Education and Youth Committee

Tippins, (404) 657-0406

Wilkinson, (404) 463-5257

Sims, Freddie (404) 463-5259

Black, (404) 463-6597

Brass, (404) 463-1376

James, (404) 656-6579

Millar, (404) 463-2260

Parent, (404) 656-5109

Stone, (404) 463-1314

Tate, (404) 463-8053

When you call or write, we suggest you say:

“There is absolutely no reasonable explanation for favoring state charter schools with additional dollars at a time when all schools continue to suffer under austerity cuts. Charter schools receive a supplement to compensate for the lack of local funds but it is less than traditional schools receive because state charter schools do not have to meet the wide array of needs required of local systems, therefore their funding needs are not equivalent.
The legislature should restore the $167 million austerity cut, which would result in additional funds for ALL public schools, including state charter schools.”