We endorse Kathy Hoffman for Arizona State Superintendent of Instruction

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NPE Action is proud to endorse Kathy Hoffman for Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. Kathy is an experienced educator who will protect the integrity of public education and make sure that taxpayer dollars are spent to improve and strengthen public schools.

Arizona is a state that has experienced numerous scandals in the charter sector due to the state’s lack of oversight and to a permissive state law that ignores nepotism, conflicts of interest, and profiteering.

Arizona needs a State Superintendent who is knowledgeable about education. Kathy Hoffman’s opponent was formerly a Congressman from California and is a charter enthusiast who will encourage even more privatization in a state that received the lowest score due to its excessive privatization in our recently issued 50 state report card.

Please be sure to vote for Kathy Hoffman for Superintendent of Public Instruction and to vote “no” on Proposition 305 in order to stop the spread of vouchers.

Thanks for all you do.