Emily Hubbard for the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis

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The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse Emily Hubbard for the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis. Emily is currently an adjunct sociology professor at a local university and she and her husband, a former public school teacher, have four children who attend the St. Louis public schools. She is outspoken on behalf of St. Louis Public Schools and has testified at various Missouri legislative committees.

Emily told NPE Action that her top priority is to work with her fellow board members to hire a new superintendent who will bring growth to the district. She wants to improve the school system for all children in the city by addressing personnel shortages and low teacher pay. 

Emily’s positions on testing, charters, and vouchers are all in line with those of NPE Action. Here’s what she told us.

Testing: “Tests can be one way we measure learning outcomes, in tandem with the teacher’s evaluation of a child’s learning. We need much less testing, we need it not to be linked to a school’s rating or success, and if we can’t find culturally appropriate tests, we shouldn’t use any tests.”

Charters:  “I don’t like them–I think they create fragmentation in communities, I think unelected boards are not great.  I have not advocated for charter schools.”

Vouchers:  “I think they are all part of a long-term plan to destroy public education, and I’m against them.”

NPE Action urges Missouri public education supporters to get out the vote for Emily Hubbard on November 8th.

No candidate authorized this ad. It is paid for by Network for Public Education Action, New York, New York.