Emergency Alert: Vote “No” on Arizona’s Prop 305 to Stop Voucher Expansion

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Due to deceptive advertising by those who want to expand Arizona’s ESA voucher program, there is a good deal of confusion regarding Prop 305. Passing Prop 305 is the goal of the Koch Brothers, the Goldwater Institute and Betsy De Vos. Defeating it is the goal of the friends of Public Education.

This is what SOS Arizona has to say:

Our opposition has been out to confuse voters from the beginning, with their red signs and deceptive logo. And it’s working: many participants who plan to vote Yes also say they oppose vouchers and support public schools…We HAVE to make sure voters understand that “empowerment scholarship” is a sneaky name for private school voucher, and in Arizona, expanding vouchers means fraud, waste, and robbing our public schools of hundreds of millions of dollars, every year.

We need you to contact friends and family across the state. Tell them to VOTE NO on Prop 305. Here is a meme that you can download and share on social media.