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Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has a mixed record on school privatization. A former advocate for public school vouchers, she is against vouchers for private and religious schools. She is a strong proponent of accountability testing.


Direct Campaign Contributions  

Elizabeth for MA, Inc. did not receive contributions from prominent education reform donors.



This Super PAC spent $1,026,590.17 to oppose Warren’s election. Paul Singer is a main contributor to the PAC. Singer is a billionaire hedge fund manager who makes large contributions to Success Academy, the largest charter school network in New York City, and to pro-charter New York PACs.


Warren strongly opposed lifting the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts, however she also praised charter schools in general: “Many charter schools in Massachusetts are producing extraordinary results for our students, and we should celebrate the hard work of those teachers and spread what’s working to other schools.”


Senator Warren expressed deep concern regarding the “waste, fraud, and abuse of federal money” at the hands of for-profit charter schools and charter school management organizations.


In her book The Two Income Trap Warren advocated for a fully-funded voucher program that would enable children to attend any public school (not private).


In a letter to Betsy DeVos prior to her confirmation as Secretary of education, Senator Warren said the evidence on private school vouchers is “mixed at best” and called them “expensive and dangerous failures that cost taxpayers billions of dollars while destroying public education systems.”

We have found no affiliations with corporate reform education organizations.

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