Election 2023: A Great Night for Public Education

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Tuesday night was a great night for public education.

One of the most pro-public education governors in the country, Democrat Andy Beshear, handily won in the ruby-red state of Kentucky.  Beshear has been crystal clear—he opposes charter schools and supports the lawsuit that aims to keep them out of Kentucky.  

And thanks to the hard work of our friends in Virginia, “school choice” loving Governor Youngkin, who has pushed to open more charters and voucher plans in his state, did not get the Senate majority he needed. Youngkin, who continually undermines public schools, was thwarted in his attempts to gain more legislative power. 

All across the nation, Moms for Liberty candidates who promote book bans, seek to impose right-wing screened curricula and charter and voucher schools were defeated in their attempts to gain seats on school boards. On Tuesday, they had big losses in ArizonaVirginiaPennsylvaniaIowa, as well as in other states.

Behind the scenes, NPE Action works with our grassroots group partners to advocate for and promote public schools, including visits to state houses and Capitol Hill. But we can’t do it alone. Give today NPE Action so that we can continue our advocacy work for your public schools.