NPE Action Endorses Dr. Carrie A. Olson for Denver Public Schools District 3 School Board Director

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Dr. Carrie A. Olson has received the endorsement of the Network for Public Education Action in her race for the District 3 seat for School Board Director in Denver, Colorado.

Carrie is no stranger to Denver Public Schools (DPS). She is starting her 33rd year as a teacher in the district. She speaks fluent Spanish, and all of her teaching experience is in low income, non-white urban schools. Carrie is also the proud mother of a daughter who attended DPS, K-12. Carrie created a nonprofit to provide educational travel experiences for low-income students to Washington, DC and Europe.

Carrie has spent a lot of time thinking about what works in urban education. Her doctoral research focused on academic achievement and school engagement data and included interviews with former DPS students.

With her years of experience in the district as a teacher and a parent, Carrie is the perfect fit for the District 3 seat. No sitting school board member in DPS has ever taught in a classroom and the superintendent is a former businessman. Carrie told NPE Action that, “No member knows what it’s like to educate 30 students at a time in a classroom. No teacher has ever served on the school board before in Denver, I believe that my running and serving on the school board would strengthen our community.”

Because Carrie has been listening to the concerns of fellow educators and parents for 33 years, she supports a moratorium on charter schools and school closures in DPS. Her other policy priorities are, “transparency of finances; equity of resources; honor community commitment for strong neighborhood school support; increase minority teacher recruitment; retention of teachers through increased support; work toward smaller class sizes.”

Please support Dr. Carrie Owens for the District 3 seat for School Board Director on November 7th.

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