Dianne Daleiden for Chicago’s 40th Ward Alderman

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NPE Action has endorsed Dianne Daleiden in her race to be Chicago’s Alderman for the 40th Ward.

Dianne is a Chicago Public School Math Teacher with a Masters in Education and an ESL endorsement. She is also a proud member of the Chicago Teachers Union.

Dianne previously worked as a social worker, which taught her that equity and equality are not the same thing. She believes that “our society in general has to prioritize education as a function of democracy” and that a successful public education system will require equity and equality in all funding in all neighborhoods.

“Some communities need smaller class sizes in order for children to get the specialized attention that they need to achieve. All schools should be staffed with nurses, social workers and enrichment programs.”

Dianne also believes that Chicago needs an elected school board because the taxpayers, working families and students of Chicago deserve to have their voices heard in running their schools.

This outstanding candidate has been organizing against privatization for 20 years. She does not support vouchers, or the use of public money in parochial or private schools where there is no oversight on curriculum. Dianne has also fought the proliferation of charters, and believes that there should be transparency and accountability for all funds that flow to them.

Please vote for Dianne on February 26th in her race for the 40th Ward seat.