Debra Ferguson Payne for the District 86 Seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives

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Debra Ferguson Payne, a retired public school educator, has earned the endorsement of the Network for Public Education Action for the District 86 seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Debra’s 30-year teaching career was dedicated to serving the children of Kentucky.

She understands that the public education system in Kentucky is being systematically attacked and dismantled instead of strengthened and funded. Debra taught in the 7th poorest county, where the district couldn’t afford new textbooks for 10 years. Debra will fight for adequate funding for every child, especially those in high-poverty rural and city school systems throughout the state.

Debra believes that charter schools should be viewed and treated as private business enterprises, and as such, should not receive public funds.

Debra told NPE Action that the attacks on public education in the state have also created a hiring crisis, with unfilled positions in many counties with zero applicants. She said that new graduates are moving to other states and current teachers are working on new degrees and skill sets to move to the private sector for jobs.

The attacks on public education in Kentucky and nationwide is what spurred Debra to run for office.

Be sure to support this career educator at the polls on November 6th.

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