Daqavise Winston for IPS School Board District 2

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Daqavise Winston, an educator working at a public school, is running against an incumbent board member who is heavily supported by pro-charter forces. 

His own position on charter schools is diametrically opposed to that of his opponent. He told NPE Action that “IPS should not be partnering with any outside businesses to educate our children when that is our duty.”

He said that he will work to bring all of the schools under IPS’s jurisdiction “back into being truly public, and not charter.”

It’s no surprise then that Daqavise supports increased transparency for the existing charter schools in IPS, and a moratorium on any new charter schools in the district. He does not support virtual/online schools either.

Please be sure to go to the polls on November 3rd to support Daqavise Winston for IPS School Board District 2 Seat.

No candidate authorized this ad. It is paid for by Network for Public Education Action, New York, New York.