NPE Action endorses Indiana’s Courtney Tritch for Congress

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The Network for Public Education Action has endorsed Courtney Tritch in the general election for Indiana’s Congressional District 3 seat in the United States House of Representatives.

One of her highest priorities is fully supporting our public schools.

Courtney told NPE Action that “it is fiscally inefficient and a terrible disservice to our children to continue to siphon off public funds from our schools to give to duplicate systems like the voucher program and charter schools.” Half of Courtney’s district is rural, without access to charter schools or voucher programs. She understands that this means that children in the rural communities in her district are seeing a decrease in funding for their public schools.

Courtney also believes that teachers should be paid a professional,living wage that keeps up with inflation and is commensurate with their experience and education level.

Her opponent is funded by out-of-state PACs and corporations. This year her opponent sponsored a bill to provide federal vouchers to military families by taking funding from public schools.

Courtney’s campaign is funded by individuals, not big business. She told us that she is “uniquely open to listening to creating positive, pragmatic change for Hoosiers in Indiana’s 3rd District.” Please do what you can this November to send this committed, engaged public education advocate to Washington D.C. to fight for all of Indiana’s children.

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